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Tell Us About Your Encounter With the Unknown in New England
Have you ever seen something you simply can't explain?

A ghostly presence, a strange light in the night sky, a creature in the forest?

Do you live near mysterious geographical features - stone caverns, abandoned towns, unexplained tunnels? Have you experienced vortexes, portals, or time slips?

Has anyone you known vanished?

Contact Us So We Can Hear Your Story

Email [email protected] and we will set up an interview. Most of our interviews happen over the phone.

We may then select your interview for an episode of the STRANGE FAR PLACES podcast!

Note: Only stories that happened in New England will be broadcast on the show.

Your Privacy

We understand you may not want your friends, co-workers, or family to know about your experience. We can redact your name, location, and other identifying details. (We can even change your voice as needed.)

Get in touch: [email protected]
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